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Home Renovation

We are a Company that was launched in 2009 by fully qualified and experienced specialist surveyors & technicians with over 65 years of experience in the industry who had been unhappy about the number of unnecessary or incorrect treatments being carried out by less reputable or unqualified preservation companies or general builders.


We had also been concerned by the over exposure of our clients, and their families , to harsh/toxic chemicals, along with the over use of chemicals and certain materials that are not neccesarry. Our aim then, and still remains the same today, is to apply the most cost effective, yet suitable treatments to properties, with the most environmentally safe methods and materials, whilst at the same time, protecting the health of the buildings occupants. With that in mind we aim to achieve the following objectives:​​

To give accurate and honest assessments/specifications of treatment.

To provide effective treatments.

To provide a professional, yet friendly approach to all contracts/clients. 

To avoid the over use of harsh chemicals/materials wherever and whenever possible.

To safeguard the health of our customers and protect the environment.

To operate our business based on what customers needs are.

To improve the local economy by employing local people and purchasing our products locally were possible.

To carry out every contract to the highest standard. 


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